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Some questions from Michigan

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  • Some questions from Michigan

    Hi all, been reading a few posts here and learned some things I wasn't aware of and that leaves me with a few questions. If you need more info please ask and I will provide what I can.

    I have been on disability for 3 or 4 years now. I have 4 kids with 3 different mothers(that sounds horrible, but I fall in love real easy and usually pick the wrong women). Social Security knows I have these kids as they take support out of my check for them. None of my kids are receiving any family benefits though. So some questions...

    1.) In MI are my kids eligible for family benefits?
    2.) Would this amount be put towards the child support I currently pay?
    3.) If MI allows this family benefits thing, any chance I can get the back pay paid to the kids?
    4.) If back pay would be issued, any chance I could get that applied to arrears? I am like 3 or 4 grand in the hole because I didn't do anything about the CS until I got my disability and they said they couldn't go back and change it even though soc sec said I was disabled during that time. My bad I know.

    Any links/reading material to maybe help me get this sorted out? Thnx for any and all replies.