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Child support and emancipation Florida

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  • Child support and emancipation Florida

    My husband has a 17 daughter who has not been active in school for 3 yrs, (public or private). She is now pregnant and he is questioning if he has to pay childsupport. In his and her court order (they were never married) it clearly states that the child has to be currently enrolled in school and make passing academic grades with the intent of graduation. This has been going on like I said for 3 yrs. and since he found out she's pregnant, is there a law in florida that says he doesn't have to continue his payments? Her mother tells him that he has to continue paying support regardless. What does he need to do?
    Thank you

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    Yes, he has to continue to pay child support. She is not legally emancipated just because she is a drop out and pregnant.

    Child support is owed until the minor is 18, or if still in school upon reaching the age of 18, until hs graduation.

    Mom is correct.

    So, what legal action has Dad taken to address the issue of his daughter's educational waste land? He's had 3 years to address this problem. He is just as responsible for his daughter's educational needs as Mom.
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