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mom former lawyer - back to school no CS

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  • mom former lawyer - back to school no CS

    My husband has had custody of his 3 sons for 9 years - they are now ages 21, 20 and the youngest just turned 18. Two are in college, the youngest a high school senior. Their mother was a successful personal injury lawyer and paid child support until about 3 years ago - nothing has ever been done to change that order. Since then, laws changed and she started losing cases so she quit her job, left the state, and went back to school to start a new career. So all we hear is that she doesn't have money to contribute. My husband, also an attorney, won't do anything to pursue back or current child support. Do I have any right to talk to an attorney if he won't? She has not been held responsible for her children, I've raised them and work to help support them and our daughter and obviously their mother should at least be held financially responsible for the last 3 years.

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    This is an issue between your husband and his ex. Although it affects you financially, you do not have any legal standing with regards to child support since they are not your children.
    Sorry, if you husband wont pursue it, you are kind of stuck.
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