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NCP Summertime Parenting Schedule Michigan

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  • NCP Summertime Parenting Schedule Michigan

    My X and I have a 7 mo son. I have standard parenting time for Michigan. EOW and every week Wednesday. Holidays alternating. Now we had just finalized everything and I have just noticed that I have 3 weeks in summertime with only 2 consecutive. But in small print it does state that I need to give notice by May 1st. Well obviously it is past May 1st. So how do I exercise that time? This is a standard formed schedule and in the orders it just states "parenting time beginning June 27, 2008 whereby Plaintiff shall begin exercising parenting time as set forth in the 16th Judicial Circuit Reasonable Parenting Time Schedule....." I think when I tell her I want to exercise this time all hell will break loose. So any advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.