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Dont I have any rights?

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    True, but this is different from court ordered child support.

    Wouldn't be a bad thing to talk to the paymaster either.
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

    I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

    Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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      Being in the marines and having dependents means the OP is given money for his family. With a seperation, he is being required to give her what is called, "maintenance". Basically his housing allowance (for dependents) is being given to her. The military will not force him to give "child support" until there is a child support order.

      As I told you in an earlier post, DO NOT meet her alone to give her money, pick up your son or anything else. If she is as angry and aggressive as you state she is, there is no telling what she will do. Always take someone with you.

      File for custody immediately. As others have posted, without an order neither of you have a leg to stand on. She is aware of this and that is probably the reason she will not allow you to see your son. She knows if you refuse to return him there is nothing she can do.
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        Originally posted by ShakinThingzUp View Post
        The important thing right now, since you did not sign the separation agreement, is that something is put on paper (court order) that you are SEEKING custody - or visitation for that matter.

        If you file right away, she will not be able to say that you are not TRYING to see your son. (Your previous posts indicate that she is trying to make it appear that YOU are not trying). If you file right away, that ends these attempts to make you appear this way.

        It also makes her accountable to the court for allowing you to see him. At this point it doesnt matter who has custody - what matters is that the court becomes involved. That means she is accountable to someone.

        God Bless!
        A non-legal, emotional advice:
        From my experience thus far, including what I have been going thru for the past year with my ex. I think you need to consider the following:
        1. There two types of women when it comes to divorce/separation.(1)Those that wish to do the right thing for both children and parents (2)Those that wish to both take all of your money and to destroy your life if possible.
        If your ex is of type (2) above, take my advice and do everything possible to gain custody of your child. Make sure you pay her until an official legal order comes thru. Keep a "single-minded" approach to this and realize that:She only wishes to take all of your money and if possible destroy you. Nothing more.
        If you ex is of type(1) then you both can work things out that are best for the child and best for both parents.
        thats my advice


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          Yes, unfortunately, some parents only wish to destroy the other even at the expense of the children. Its sad really.