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Is there a way to collect past due support? Rhode Island

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  • Is there a way to collect past due support? Rhode Island

    The situation is the following:

    My wife used to be married to another man. They got divorced, and had two children together. Both children live with me and my wife, the ex-husband is court ordered child support for both children.
    In the beginning of this year the ex-husband was laid off from work due to circumstances. He hasent worked until like a month ago. During the period he dident work, no child support has been paid by him. Normally they take it out of his paycheck, but since he dident have a paycheck they could not take it out. Now that he is working again, child support has been activated again. The only thing is, they are taking out the amounts that he currently owes. They are not taking out extra for catching up on his owed child support during the time he dident work. We called the Child Support Office, but they said there was nothing they could do. In their file they see that there is an open balance, but this balance does not exceed the limit of $ 2.500, and therefore they can;t do anything. They did mention the option of "offset", but would not explain what this ment. After looking online for this option, I think it has to do with a programme that allows States to take Tax Refunds when child support is still owed. In this case, the ex-husband was smart enough to claim one of the children the entire year, even though he wasent allowed to since they dont live with him. This makes him owe the State Tax money. He will not get a Tax Refund, which knocks the Offset option from the table in my view.

    Does anybody know if there is another way for my wife to collect the child support that until today has not been paid by the ex-husband? The overdue balance in child support is hundreds of dollars, we are not talking about a few bucks here. I myself think it is very weird, that nothing can be done when the Child Support Office has an overdue balance in their computers.

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    Not my area of expertise, but I believe that past due child support payments are also being deducted from the economic stimulus tax rebate checks that are going out after tax refund season is over.