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Repayment of public assistance in Calif California

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  • Repayment of public assistance in Calif California

    An order for collection of public assistance was issued by orange county ca in 1990 in North Carolina. I wasn't tried until 1994 & the case was dismissed for latches & statute of limitations. California registered another order in 2005 for the same thing & they failed to respond to child enforcement in nC & again it was dismissed. They refiled again in 2006 with a ludicrous amount of interest on top of the original attempt to collect 14,000. I filed a motion to dismiss in NC & don't understand how they can keep filing the same case after being dismissed twice. I realize they have collection agency types handling these type of arrears. Any help with a viable defense in this matter? The judge in NC continurd it last month & she seemed really confused & stated she wanted to see case law. I was never ordered to pay support. This is strickly repayment of public assistance funds dating back to 1983 & 84.
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