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    Approximately 8 years ago an attempt was made to locate me for possible child support. The address and everything they had was incorrect. I was not working at the time. Unfortunately for me about 6 years ago I was incarcerated for a brief period of time when I found out that child support had already deemed me the father of a child without proper notification. I contacted the Judge immediately when I was released and they granted me the opportunity to take a paternity test which I had to pay $800.00 for in 60 days. I could not come up with the money. Now, they have denied any chances of me taking any further testing and I am automatically deemed the father. How can I get a perternity test now. The mother does not allow me to have any contact with the child. She has refused to even send me a picture. In all honesty I really dont know if the baby is mine or not and I still have to pay child support. The child is approximately 10 years and I have never seen her despite my attempts to. What do I do. Can the court make you the father without proper testing??