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17 yo daughter moves out, CS question Ohio Ohio

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  • 17 yo daughter moves out, CS question Ohio Ohio

    My 17 yo daughter moving out of her mothers house and living with the father (who is 18) of her baby. Am I still required to pay her mom child support if moms not supporting her???

    Also Mom won't let daughter have the baby because she claims that she has custody of him till daughter turns 18. Since she claims that, won't let me see my grandson. Thanks

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    You and your wife are responsible for your daughter until she is 18 years of age. If you do not want her moving out before then, you can drag her back home. The baby is the mother's responsibility, not the grandmother's. No, she is not the grandmother's baby until your daughter turns 18 at all, this is totally false.

    File for custody of your daughter if you want her to not live with the boyfriend and have her live with you and let your wife pay you child support if she isn't going to support her own daughter.


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      Long story short, the daughter pretty much has nothing to do with me. When I stopped being her personal ATM she stopped talking to me. So if she wants to move out, more power to her. I don't mind one bit paying child support, if her mom uses for my daughter, not to drink in the bars. Sidenote: Mother is on Welfare and Disability...does not work.

      So is there an easy way to stop CS (Or make sure it goes to daughter)?? because I know for sure daughter won't see a dime. Mom made her get a job at 16 and had to buy everything for herself....personal items, snacks and whatever else.

      How should I go about telling ex that she can't keep baby away from me or moving in with my daughter?? She's a little loco