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  • Child support in Arizona

    When does child support really end in Arizona. The paper work we have says unpon Imanicpation ... when child turns 18. Other places we have read 18 or graduates from high school, but does one indicate which comes first or later. Some things say what you paper work says..... way confusing. My husbands kids Turn 18 in about a month, will graduate in May. His paper work says when they imanicpate at 18.

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    This may or may not help you but in Ohio, it's worded the same way. Say if your child turns 18 before they graduate high school, the support would continue until they graduate. If your child turns 18 after they graduate, the support continues until they turn 18. If your child drops out of HS, then it would stop when they turn 18.
    Clear as mud?
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      should file to stop when child graduates. normally, it is whichever is later


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        Duration of child support is governed by Arizona Revised Statutes, Sections 25-320 and 25-
        501, except as provided in Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 25-1304.
        Upon entry of an initial or modified child support order, the court shall, or in any subsequent
        action relating to the child support order, the court may, establish a presumptive date for the
        termination of the current child support obligation. The presumptive termination date shall
        be the last day of the month of the 18th birthday of the youngest child included in the order
        unless the court finds that it is projected that the youngest child will not complete high
        school by age 18. In that event, the presumptive termination date shall be the last day of the
        month of the anticipated graduation date or age 19, whichever occurs first. The
        administrative income withholding order issued by the department or its agent in Title IV-D
        cases and an Order of Assignment issued by the court shall include the presumptive
        termination date. The presumptive date may be modified upon changed circumstances.
        An employer or other payor of funds honoring an Order of Assignment or an administrative
        income withholding order that includes the presumptive termination date and is for current
        child support only, shall discontinue withholding monies after the last pay period of the
        month of the presumptive termination date. If the Order of Assignment or administrative
        income withholding order includes current child support and arrearage payment, the
        employer or other payor of funds shall continue withholding the entire amount listed on the
        Order of Assignment or administrative income withholding order until further order.
        For purposes of determining the presumptive termination date, it is further presumed:
        A. That a child not yet in school will enter 1st grade if the child reaches age 6 on or before
        September 1 of the year in which the child reaches age 6; otherwise, it is presumed that
        the child will enter 1st grade the following year; and,
        B. That a child will graduate in the month of May after completing the 12th grade.

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