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default child support judgement in TN ?

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  • default child support judgement in TN ?

    My girlfriend filed with the state of Tennessee to start receiving child support (and possibly back child support from her ex-husband). The court set a court date to hear the matter, but neither her ex-husband nor his lawyer appeared at the hearing. The judge then issued a "show cause" order against her ex-husband for a court date two months later.

    My question is ... if her ex-husband and (or) his lawyer blew off the initial child support court hearing, shouldn't the judge have issued a default child support judgement against her ex at that time? Why would the judge reschedule a new hearing? Is there no consequenses against her ex for his willfully failing to appear at the court hearing.

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    well, it's fairly normal to give 1 more chance. i would expect a ruling at the next date


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      Well, we just got a copy of a letter in mail today from the Assistand DA. Apparently, he will be requesting a default judgement to be entered at the next court hearing.

      Should be an interesting day in court !!!