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Need help please!!! Georgia

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  • Need help please!!! Georgia

    I'm 17 years old and my dad went for custody of me when i was almost 16. He won custody because i was truent and liked to party and drink. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he refused to start me on medication. The judge ordered me to move to Georgia and 3 days after moving here he all of a sudden allowed me to start bipolar medicine. (my mom was NEVER labeled unfit, they just granted my dad full legal & physical custody) I now go to school, I am not truent and I do not party. I can never leave the house because i have to stay home with my step mother who has anxiety and cant be alone(i practically am her babysitter) I cant get a job because i dont have my license and my dad works til 7:30 at night. My dad cheats on my step mom and i have met the girl hes cheating on her with. He says he cant get me medical insurance because of my bipolar disorder. I have not liked my dad my entire life, even as a toddler i would not go to him. He disconnected our house phone and he checks my cell phone bill every few hours, and if i talk to my mom too much he takes my cell phone away so i have no contact to anyone. I can't go to custody court because my mom doesn't have the money to fly to georgia for court, or to even hire a lawyer. I'm not trying to get emancipated, but is there anyway to go to court and change the custody law without my dad knowing? I'm afraid if he finds out what i'm trying to do he will take away the computer and my cell phone which is all i have, seeing as i can never leave the house.

    I will do anything i can to move back to Pennsylvania with my mother, my friend has saved $5,000 to help me out. I will go back to high school in PA and graduate to get my diploma and go on to college. I have really good grades and am hoping to apply for a scholarship..PLEASE tell me what I can do to move back!!
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    Unfortunately by the time you can get something done you will be 18 and can do what you want. My suggestion is to tough it out. Concentrate on your studies and graduate. Life without a high school diploma will be rough.
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      I agree with iwpat's advice. You are so close to 18 that it would be a waste of time and money for your mother to file any changes for custody.

      The minute you turn 18 though, you can make the choice of where you live.