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update- spoke to GAL today Alabama

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  • update- spoke to GAL today Alabama

    I talked to the GAL today and she said she thought the judge would terminate mom's rights -1 reason being the new husband. He was stupid enough to get in a fight with the GAL at her office and argue with her. what an idiot. she said personally she is scared of him and would recommend that no child EVER be around him. she said due to the fact that she lost 2 other kids due to him and the abuse that the fact she won't leave him will show she doesn't have the child's best interest at heart. I can't wait for mediation fri just to see what they do. of course, i know we are going to end up in trial, but this was the 1st bit of decent news we've had!

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    wow- he's such an idiot!!!!! good news for you though right?


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      yep- now i'm wanting the bakground check cause i just got news that about 5 years ago he was on probation for INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER!!!!