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  • For the Sake of My Girls Pennsylvania

    Single father with two girls , ages 14 and 6. Went to court 7/17/07. Judge ordered the girls stay with me and that they NOT be allowed to be around the mothers fiance' due to .....for lack of better terminology, him being a real jerk. Had girls in my care since 4/14 as a result of mom and girls being forced to hide out from him claiming he was "psychotic"....go figure. Mom hadn't seen children from 4/14 to 7/17 due to fiance not allowing her to come near me without him (jealous and control freak). Judge ordered mom get visitation beginning on 7/21 (a saturday) from 12-6PM. By mutual agreement thereafter. At 11:35 on 7/21, mom calls crying saying fiance' won't let her leave and day was ruined. Mom supposedly choked fiance trying to get him off of her so she could come get the girls and he filed assault charges against her. From this point, my attorney and her attorney agreed that any visitation be "supervised" although we never went to court to have it ordered by the judge. Mom has seen girls 1 time, supervised since 7/17. Now, ready for this? Mom and fiance got married last week, less then 1 1/2 months after he filed assault charges against her. How does them being married affect this situation if at all. The girls are still with me, I filed for child support 7/27, had the hearing on 8/28 and she asked the child support officer "What if I terminate my rights to the children, do I still have to pay?". She clearly don't care about the girls but is hell bent on getting them back under her roof. Will them getting married play into this? Even with all the police reports identifying this marriage as a marriage from hell? The girls are scared to death of him, hate him with a passion and mother runs off and marries him then has the audacity to tell the girls......after the fact and stated, "It'll all be ok, soon you will be back with me every other week as before". What is she thinking?? Child support officer even said she would testify in court to her making the statement about terminating her rights. It's about her love for money, not about her love for the children........clearly.

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    well, the judge has ordered the husband not be around the children so I would never let them see him. Her marrying him was very stupid- I think you should get the supervised visits under court order and not just as an agreement with the lawyers- just to protect the kids. Keep after her for the CS. Eventually my guess is she will stop coming around- sad for the kids


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      She can not just terminate her rights to avoid paying support. It has to be a very substantial reason and any judge with an ounce of brains wont just let her avoid her responsability like that.
      You hold her feet to the fire cause you darn well know if the roles were reversed she would do it to you.

      Above all else protect your girls.


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        I agree. You really need to get the supervision court ordered. Talk to your attorney about it, because it sounds like you have a very good case for your request being granted.