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Illinois-Is payroll deduction of support mandatory? Illinois

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  • Illinois-Is payroll deduction of support mandatory? Illinois

    When a child support order is put in effect by the court, is paying the support by payroll deduction mandatory in the state of Illinois? If so, who is required to file the notice with the employer of the non-custodial parent? My husband received custody of his son in Feb 2006 and the mother was ordered to pay support. (The child had already lived with us for three years.) Who was responsible to send the withholding paperwork to her employer? Our attorney, her attorney, the court? Even our attorney who charged over $1200.00 to simply file papers to change custody can't return a phone call to answer this question. The courthouse office can't answer it either. If we sent a copy of the court order to her employer would they have to start the deduction whether or not she gives them permission to do so?

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    Usually when money is with held from the non custodial parent for support from their pay roll, the courts send paper work to the employement and then go from there... Sometimes it takes a month or so before the ball gets rolling, or the non custodial parent can contact the court to see if it has started.


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      Thank you very much for your reply. I know it would take a while for the payments to start coming consistently especially if it has to pass thru the State Disbursement Unit. The order went into effect in Feb 2006, nearly a year now, so I don't think time could be a reasonable factor now. I could just swear I heard quite a few years ago that any new orders are mandatory to be payroll deduction. As opposed to trusting the payer to just take care of it themselves. We received four weekly payments from her last year, spread out over a period of about 7 weeks, not even a steady regular weekly or monthly arrival in the mail. They came straight from the county courthouse so I think she paid them herself thru the courthouse, not off of a regular payroll deduction.