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  • Texas child support

    I let this girl i used to know live with me for 2 weeks since she had nowhere else to go. In those 2 weeks we had sex a couple of times, and after i was lied to dozens of times about her financial and job situation i asked her to leave. She then moved back to her parent's house in another city. Later on down the road she calls me and says she is pregnant and has my child demanding child support. I think this is more of a way to get back at me for kicking her out rather than the good of the child because i had wanted nothing more to do with this woman but she had found a way to get back in my life. I assume i will be forced to take a paternity test to determine if the child is mine? and if so how would child support be calculated, by just income, or income and expenses? Also, do i have to go to her city to deal with all the child support and court issues? I do not want anything to do with that woman!! HELP!