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  • Child Support Too High PA Pennsylvania

    Ok. My husband has a 17 yr old daughter in PA. We live in Indiana. He has been paying child support for his daughter since she was a baby. Recently his daughter moved out of her mothers house and moved in with Grandma(Moms side). The mother moved to Virginia. The support payments were being sent to Virginia. The Grandmother went to court to have the CS case reviewed. My husband has to pay 1,624 a month..that includes arrers. My husband works 70 hours a week and only makes 50,000 a year. The court did not ask for the Grandmother's income or the Mothers income. To me he is getting screwed. There is no way we can afford to pay 1,624 a month. We have 2 kids living at home, our Mortgage, our car payments.. we will go under in 2 months. He can't get a second job with the hours he works. I do have a job but it will not cover the money were are loosing. My question? Should the mother being paying CS since her daughter moved out and should the grandmother's income be used in calculating CS?

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    You would probably want to consider a motion to amend or file for a modification of support. It would also depend on when the last orders were entered.


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      This just happened. We have untill Jan 24th to request a hearing.


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        he definitely needs a modification based on the fact that the child is no longer living with mom. they should stop his support to her if he can prove child is not living with her. school records in pa would prove that. then, i believe grandma would have to have legal custody in order to file for support. but he needs to file asap and start gathering proof that daughter does not live with mom.


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          Originally posted by Chevy1 View Post
          This just happened. We have untill Jan 24th to request a hearing.
          Request a hearing. Some of the things he should ask about are:

          1. Is the Grandmother now recieving the CS?
          2. Has the mother been ordered to pay CS to Grandmother?
          3. Has the custody been legally changed?
          4. What is the amount of on-going support- is it according to the state's CS guidelines?
          5. What is the amount of arrears payments?