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Dad never paid CS, now not paying college Florida

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    My question would be, if there was a support order, but it could not be enforced, because he was in the states, and his mom was in Germany, I wonder, what the statute of limitations, for a running dead beat dad, with a court order against him, is? I would think that since they know where he is now, that maybe they can finually enforce it. I am not aware of statutes of limitations, on past due child support. I am really curious about this. Sir, I am sorry if I judged your mom wrong, if a court order was obtained, but he ran far enough for the law not to get to him, how could we expect a woman, by herself, to do what the law could not. I am sorry! I would call an attorney, and ask if there are any time limits, since the courts have allready deamed him responsible? If there is a way to get it, an attorney will know. I know you are 24(?) now, but I would not think it is right for the dad to get away with not paying a court ordered child support payment (s), because he knew where to run and hide. I do sympathize, and your father is not worth the time of day for you. If he was worth the love, you need, and want from him, he would be reaching out to you, since you did not ask to be born, or to be without your true father. You sir, are a victim here, and your father is a you know what!! Good luck to you, let me know what the attorney says!


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      Just to point out a detail...

      Even if there is a court order for child support and it can be enforced (I'm not very clear on where or who issued the court order, if there is one), the ONLY person that would have any right to the money owed is the mother. (Of course, if the mother was acutally paid the support owed, she could give it to the OP).

      The OP does NOT have a legal leg to stand on when it comes to enforcing a (maybe) court order for child support. The money was never owed to him. It was owed to his mother.

      The only way he could *possibly* recoup payment is if his mother had passed away...even then, it's a long shot and a very messy fight that would likely cost more than he would ever recieve.
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        Originally posted by RobFL View Post
        Dad never paid CS, now not paying college Florida

        Rob, face it. You have what we in America call a dead bead dad.

        Use his example to get ahead, and have the satisfaction that you did it with out him.

        Love your mother, as she removed you and herself from that situation. You have the drive that we need in this country.

        If nobody said it, Welcome to America. You set the limits on what you can be here.


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          Thanks for the heads up mommyof4! Sorry honey, they are right, but if your mom ever does get this, then I think, by what you have said about her, she would not hesitate, to give it to you! Good luck to you, I will pray for you and your family!