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  • Child Care Expense Indiana

    I'm trying to compute child support in IN. I've found a child support calculator, but I had a question on the work-related child care expense. I entered that I pay $45 per week for my son. He is in school, so this is only for after-school care. However, there is a line for his father to put his work-related child care expenses, too. He does have other children. Does he put $0, because he doesn't pay for our son, and that's who we're figuring out child support for, or does he put what he pays for his other children? I was just confused because I didn't know if we were supposed to put just the information for our son, or include other children.

    Thanks for any info you can give me!

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    Just wondering if anyone knew the answer to the original post? Also, if the NCP is seriously behind in back support, does he stand a chance at getting it lowered?


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      the numbers they are wanted are only for the children the support is being figured for except in cases when it specifically asks for something different. Such as Ky has you input child support you pay for PREVIOUS children. If he pays no child care on the child the support is being figured on, he would enter 0