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    I'm 17 and my father has not been in my life for the past 10 years, thats no child support to my mom, no contact, no nothing. I first met him about a year ago and I have my problems with him but lately me and my mom have not been getting along and I feel like I need a break from her and the rest of my family down here in Texas. Also I feel the need to get to know my family in Chicago. The reason why I need some help is because I want to move out but I want to live with my father and I heard that once you're 16 and ur parents arn't together that you get to chose who you want to live with. I need to know if that applies to me. I would reall like to get to know my dad more but just need to know if it is possible to move with him to Chicago Heights, Illinois.

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    No, you are misinformed. Once you are 18, you can choose. You say that your father has not been involved with your life for 10 years. He abandoned you, yet now that you are not getting along well with your mother (which is completely normal for a teen and a parent to have's part of the natural pattern of you pulling away and becoming an adult) you think the best solution is to abandon HER. Ask yourself it not worth the relationship with the only person that has been there through everything with you to stick around and work it out? Running is not an answer and the sooner you learn that in life, the better off you will be. If you want to get to know your dad, he owes it to you and your mother to put forth the effort to earn his place back in your life.

    Personal opinion aside, you cannot legally leave your home without parental consent (that would be your mother, not your absentee father) until you are 18. It doesn't matter who you are planning on living with.

    *Georgia allows a 14 year old to choose, but it has to go through the court. A child cannot just up and move out. That is the only state that a court will base the decision on where a teen may live solely on the child's wishes.
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