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    I have a court order for child visitation for my daughter for Christmas and Thanksgiving break . My daughter lives in South Carolina and I live in Virginia. I purchased a airline ticket for my daughter to travel for Thanksgiving and she flew with no problems and I paid the extra fee for the escort service since she was a minor. Now for Christmas my ex has stated that she does not want her to fly on the plane and will not place her on the plane for her Christmas visit. My custody order states that I must furnish the costs for my daughters visit and it does not stipulate that my ex has the right to not comply with the travel arrangements I have made. She maintains that she can reserve the right on how my daughter travels and she also does not want me to pick her up from her home. Does she have the right to dictate the mode of travel for my daughters visitation. I am coming off a major surgery and driving for 7 hours is not feasible at this time. Please help me with what I can do about this situation. I have also already purchased the ticket on the 2nd of December and now almost ten days away my ex wants to object. Any advice will be great

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    All that matters is what's in the court order. Your ex has no right to keep the child. However I would try to compromise with her to ensure that you'll have your visitation with your daughter. Maybe she will pay the expense of another relative going on the plane to pick her up? Try to remind her that everything went very well during Thanksgiving and that it's in the childs best interest to continue xmas as planned.


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      next step

      So if she fails to comply can she be charged with contempt? I really believe it is a fact that she wants to control the situation. If I am paying an extra fee for the child to have an escort by the airline on a direct flight to my location if she fails to place her on the plane what action can be taken since she is violating the order?


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        you should be able to file contempt charges is she doesn't comply. Unfortunately that means you lose out on your visitation. If she does deny your visitation I would think that the courts will make her pay the money you put out.


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          Did you discuss the flight arrangements with her when you booked the ticket? If so (and she was agreeable at that time), if she does not utilize the plane ticket, she can be held responsible to either pay the fee to change the ticket (I believe it is up to $100 now) or to pay you the full price of the ticket, whether visitation is complied with or not.
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