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? about pell grant and whose income is included Virginia

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  • ? about pell grant and whose income is included Virginia

    Weird situation. A friend of mine has a daughter who is 17. She doesnt live with mom or dad. Close family friends have custody of her.

    Daughter will be going to college in August and is going to apply for a Pell Grant. My friends new husband is all upset because the daughter wants to know her and her husbands income. She said that she needs the info for the Pell Grant application. Is that accurate? My friend is alright giving her financial info as she is responsible for her but does not feel that her current husbands income should be taken into account. She thinks it should be hers and the daughters biodad and that is it. And I happen to agree. If she has to give both her and her new husbands income, then that would mean that biodad would also have to give his and his new wife's income. How does that make sense? 4 peoples income?

    Can someone explain how this should happen? Should they take all 4 peoples into consideration?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your friend needs to call the customer service number that is with the PELL information. They answer the phones quickly, and can give her the proper information.

    This board is not the place to answer that set of questions.

    What your opinion is in this situation does not have any bearing of what the PELL uses as criteria.

    For your friend I recomend first trying FAFSA

    Research for the pell on the web.

    Best of luck to her.