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  • Help with Iowa Child Support Iowa

    My order is from New York but is (supposed to be) being inforced in Iowa where my ex now lives. He own over $28,000 in back support. I have a judgement for $27,000 from NewYork. Please tell me why Iowa is doing nothing to enforce it. My case worker from New York told me that according to Iowa, a violation can not be requested until he has not payed anything in 90 days. If he pays something (not even the past due amount), within in that 90 days, that nothing can be done.

    He owns a business, but that account can not be touched since it is in a corp. name. I guess everything else is in his wife's name.
    I am at my wit's end.

    Please help


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    Go see the FEDERAL prosecutor in your neck of the woods.

    Sounds like it could be federal.
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