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help us with custody issue?

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    wow, ok..well thankyou very much..thats going to be a big help!! we are supposed to get him saturday from noon-6pm , my husband and i have made numerous attempts to reach her through emails and ims, but have yet to get her to respond. So what do we do? we have no number to reach her. we believe that she is staying with her father, thats the last place we have known of.but we have no number and she wont give it to us. she is ignoring us completely. should we just go up there? or what?


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      YUP. If that is where he has been, and you have not been notified otherwise, then show up, AND take the Police so they can file the report. It will be very hard to go to so much effort and not be able to see your step-son.

      We went through a similar case. When we went to Court the Judge appointed a Custody Evaluator to review the case. The Mom was put on a short leash with six month reviews. It was basically a warning that if she continued to interfere with the relationship between her son and his Father she would loose custody. Things are working well now, so it was worth it.