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Question about CS and losing my job Oregon

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  • Question about CS and losing my job Oregon

    I am the NCP and had a hearing in october that ordered me to pay a certain amount in CS based on my current employment. this was the first child support order that I have. Also it was the final order from the Judge. Just recently I was laid off and wonder what I can do to get it changed since the CS was just modified by my ex wife, since I got out of prison. I owe back support all the way back to July and haven't made a payment yet as I was waiting to get the final order from the judge and have it taken out of my check. I am not sure what to do now. Since it is in the 60 day appeal period, can I appeal this or will the Judge tell me im SOL!

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    First off I would contact child support office and have proof you are laid off and maybe they will work something out with you, My fiance was laid off as well and they reduced his monthly payment in half because he had proof he was laid off and the employer wrote a letter to them. It dosen't hurt to ask if not pay as much as you can... It's better than nothing.