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Can the judges in Texas do whatever they want? Texas

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  • Can the judges in Texas do whatever they want? Texas

    I raised my son alone from birth until he was 12. I have a child support order from Ca.. My son went to live with his dad in March 2002, at this time we stopped current support and they tried to collect the $17,000.00 that he owes in arrearages. My son's Father and him live in Texas. His father filed a custody and support petition in Feb 2004 in which I was ordered to pay $100.00 because I have 2 special needs children that make it impossible to work, this was fine, I didn't mind. Today, I get a copy of a new order saying he was credited an abatement for the two years before he filed in the amount of $543.00 a month andnow I am to pay $400.00 a month not the 100.00 a month agreed to. Now he owes no arreages and I don't know how he got the abatement, the abated him was not for the collection period in which he had this legal? Oh yeah by the way I am in Nevada and of course can't afford to go to Texas to fight this.

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    Are you saying that when you got the judgment in this lawsuit that the language about the abatement showed up for the very first time?
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      yes , the language of abatement is only worded in the final order, i was to have 100.00 a month credited back to him from Feb. 2004 to present from arrearages.