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    I have a question about my divorce, child support and DNA testing . I married my wife in Feb 2005 and we had a baby girl in May 2005. I thought I was the father of the little girl. My wife had lived with me for 4 1/2 years all together and I never had a clue she was a cheater. I came home early one morning after working my nightshift job and found her with another man. I had DNA testing done and found out that the little baby who was 14 months old was not my baby which means she was cheating before we were married. I have filed for a non-contestant divorce and my wife has signed all the paper work. It states in the decree that I am not the biological father but the little girl still has my last name and my wife will not change it. My lawers wanted me to see if I could get my wife to come to court but she refused. She has since gone into hiding and my lawyers are saying we need her present to tell the judge verbally that she does not want child suport. If she's don't appear, the lawyers are telling me the judge might make me paid child suport even if I have DNA papers showing I am not the biological father. Whats the odds of something like this happening? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Do you know who the father is? That's important to your case.
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