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  • Not sure what to do Pennsylvania

    We am at a dire staights and need some advice. We have come to find out by a very reliable source within the family that my Step-daughter is somehow being manipulated by her mother and aunts concerning our custody case. Now mind you this case came to be at the request of my Step-daughter because her Mom was never fair to my husband and in turn to her. She could not handle her Mom's eratic emtional abuse. She could not handle the many men who her mother has moved into the household. She could not handle her Mother withholding things and taunting her with gifts to her sister because she chose to have a relationship with my husband.

    Our lawyer has requested us to find out specific info from my SD. As of late my SD has become noticably withdrawn. She I believe is becoming depressed. She will not talk openly as she has done before, with anyone. This person told us that she is being told things that a horrible and that we need to talk to her. We have been unable to find out specific info b/c someone within the family always shows up before the conversation can go any further than that. When we ask my SD specific questions lately we get the I don't remember or I don't know response. She has anger outbursts for no reason. She has slammed my daughter against the kitchen cabinets. Not even sure where that came from and I was sitting right there!!! I don't want to burdon her more than her mother already is. But I am afraid for her mental well being. We already informed our lawyer about what has been going on but she just sent us a letter with the same request. I don't know what she wants from us!!! We know that my SD's Mom has told her that we lied to the court officer in the first half of the hearing, only because the last time my husband went to pick her up SD's Mom started screaming this before she slammed the door in my husbands face. I also overheard my SD and her friend talking and they needed a ride someplace and the friend said " I don't want you to ask him he might go crazy and start yelling." My husband NEVER raises his voice. I can guess where that has come from. Since the friend is over my SD's house even when my SD is out our house. SD's friend showed up without notice the other day. It almost seemed like she was sent there to find out something. It was very weird and uncomfortable. Anyway I am not sure what to do about any of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The best thing you can do is get your SD into counseling. She is probably confused and afraid to say anything to anybody. After all, who can she trust? (in her mind...I am not saying that she should not trust y'all). You cannot and should not grill her for answers. It will only make her withdraw more.
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