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Dissolve Costody and Support Order Missouri

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  • Dissolve Costody and Support Order Missouri

    My child's mother and I were never married and have had a custody and support order for our child for about 7 years now. We are now back together and plan to be married soon. We were wondering how to go about dissolving the custody and support orders since they are no longer needed. Thanks.

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    Once you are married, you have to petition the court to vacate the orders.
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      If the one getting the child support, had ever recieved state assistance for the child, then even when this is done, you will have to pay the state back for any assistance recieved. I know this because my husband and I were married when our daughter was 1 year old. I was working but still not making enough money to survive, so I recieved 100.00 per month of government assistance. Even though we were married, the state still had to be reimbursed for those payments by my husband. Just a heads up in case.


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        Thank you for the information. I know that she has not received any government assistance, just the support order between the two of us. Do you know if it is a costly matter to have to file with the court?


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          You should be able to go down to the court and get a paper and both parties are to sign it to acknoledge that support is no more needed then it will go before a judge and he will terminate that order. If mom is not on any assistance then any support owed to her may be waived and the slate will be at -0-. At least her in michigan that's how it works.


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            Thanks for your time and information.