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  • Child Support question in Maryland Maryland

    I have shared custody of my 7 y.o. daughter which was a verbal agreement 5 years ago when her father and I split up. We were never married....
    I feel like my hands are tied most days...
    I have her Wednesday nite thru Sunday mornings... I'd prefer and I think it would be in her best interest as she is in school etc...and getting older that she be w/ him for 1 week and then me for one week... but he refuses to budge!! Thinks its fine the way it is... Also, we split everything down the middle financially... I'm barely making my bills!!! I'm very much in debt.
    He claims he doesnt make more money then me...He owns his own business..
    I want to continue to keep things amicable between he and I for my daughters sake..but he remains in control of this situation..and i feel like my hands are tied b/c I cant afford an attorney to possibly see about child support and rearranging the days we share all in her best interest....
    does anyone know if i can get an attorney in MD probono to help or any suggestions on my rights would be so appreciated!!

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    there are no court orders regarding the child at all?


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      No there are no court orders....


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        well, then you are free to change the schedule to anything you like, however don't expect thing to remain guys might want to try a couple of sessions of mediation, and you can go down to your local child support agency and file for child support- they will take care of the rest- again- things will probably not remain amicable