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  • Help-rape+adoption

    I was raped in november of 2014, found out that december that i was pregnant. A few months later found out that it was a girl. Fast forward to last summer (2016) i got engaged to an amazing man (not the same guy, obviously). We got married last february (2017) and he now wants to adopt my daughter (almost 2yrs old now). How do i need to go about this? Im 100% ok with him adopting her, but what do i need to do to go about letting him adopt her?

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    Since you have questions about how to adopt, you might want to get the help of a family law attorney.
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      First of all I want to admire your strength after what you have been through. That little girl is one blessed little lady to have you.

      I also agree though that the best thing you can do is contact a family law attorney in your area. Only someone who can get a whole lot more details (that I would in no way suggest you post here or anywhere on the internet) can guide you in the best direction. Because I suspect those details will matter and you will need guidance to work around any issues that come up.


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        Adoption law and procedure is highly state specific, so we may be of only limited help. I agree that the best thing to do would be to set up a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in family law in your area and go from there.

        The good news is that I think in most cases, a second parent adoption by a loving stepparent in the absence of an involved birth father should be a relatively simple process.