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  • Settlement

    The NLRB has filed a wrongful termination suit against my former employer. My former employer has agreed to settle for my back pay... so long as I drop the claims that I have filed with OSHA and the Industrial Commission AND that they do not need to rehire me back.
    OSHA notified my employer about my complaint and I was fired. The Industrial Commission was brought in for unpaid work time in the amount of 4-7hrs per week. Although there were employees missing 8-10hrs per week.
    Should I ask for more money to stop pursuing my other filings?

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    I don't think you can withdraw your complaint from OSHA. If there are serious safety violations occurring at your former workplace, OSHA isn't going to ignore them just because you got some back pay.

    Is "Industrial Commission" the name of your state DOL? (What is the name of your state, BTW?) If it's your state DOL, then your complaint with them will expire automatically as soon as you tell them you received all the back pay you're legally entitled to. Regarding the other employees, your complaint has nothing to do with their pay issues. If they have pay issues, they need to file their own complaints.
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      What does your attorney advise? This would be highly specific to the facts of your case, and there is no way we can get enough information in this format to give you informed advice.


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        I would also like to know why the NLRB is involved. OP, are/were you a union member?