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Fired, one year from retirement! Oklahoma

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  • Fired, one year from retirement! Oklahoma

    My mother has worked for a company for 14 years, was fired last night. She is just one year from retirement age and was diagnosed with Parkinson's January 5. She informed employers January 6, who had her reschedule her MRI of the brain three times before she got it completed. That MRI showed a tumor of the pituitary gland, and a second MRI was done and a course of treatment determined. She has copies of the emails she sent with their responses that she shared this information with them and that she was seeking treatment.

    The employers had written her up 6 months ago for being slow on the job (front desk at busy medical office, answers phones, scheduling and billing for the practice all simultaneously) and having "atrocious handwriting." Mind you, this was three days after the office went live with a new electronic medical records program, so everyone was slow.

    When she got the diagnosis of Parkinson's, the neurologist confirmed that her new mistakes and memory disruptions were due to the parkinson's. In an email detailing her diagnosis and treatment, including MRI, she informed her supervisor and the office supervisor what was going on, and that there was hope for the problems she'd been written up for.

    Fast forward to last night. Her office mate was to return to work today after a 2 week vacation. She was told at the end of the workday that she was fired, asked to turn in her key and that's it. She went to Human Resources today, but the one contact person is out of the office for the week. The HR person there told her that per her file, she was noted as "unhireable" by this company.

    In her 14 years with the company, she had no write-ups at all up until the past 6 months, where she got a verbal warning then the write up. She has been employee of the month (large healthcare company) and has worked in different departments, popular in each one. She moved to this private practice office 2 years ago and in the past year the problems began.

    We are both sick and sad, and looking for wisdom. She had just seen her primary care doctor on Friday who agreed to fill out FMLA paperwork for her, but the papers hadn't been delivered to the doctor yet. This seems like all kinds of wrong to me, but it's my mom! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    Your Mom needs to speak with an attorney and see if her termination was illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    The sooner the better.
    Good Luck.



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      I agree with drruthless that it might be helpful to speak with an attorney. Not only for ADA violations but for FMLA violations.


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        Also agree.


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          Same here.
          I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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            The timing of the termination is certainly suspicious. Agree also, talk to an attorney.
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              Thank you for reading and responding. We're filing an EEOC complaint and will follow it from there, as this is one method to begin the legal process or so I hear.

              Thanks again!