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Lost hours and cut pay New Jersey

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  • Lost hours and cut pay New Jersey

    My friend just found out on friday the cut her pay and cut her hours by 10 hours, this puts her in financial distress with her bills, and her hours are such that it is difficult to find a second job quickly. She asked to be fired but they are not doing that, what is her recourse?

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    To look for a new job. She should also apply for unemployment benefits; the State will determine if her wage and hours reduction will qualify for her to receive a partial UC benefits while she's still working.

    No laws prohibit an employer from reducing the number of hours an employee works. Same goes for reducing her wage as long as she's informed of the pay change prior to working any hours at the reduced rate. (A wage reduction cannot be imposed retro-actively.)


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      An employer can reduce hours/pay (though pay can't be reduced below min. wage) unless there is a binding employment contract to the contrary.

      She can look for other employment but she shouldn't quit without having another job first. If she quits, she most likely will not receive UI benefits.
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