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Terminated from sales position with conflicting reasons given Kentucky

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  • Terminated from sales position with conflicting reasons given Kentucky

    I was terminated today from my job as an outside sales rep for a roofing company. I was told by the sales manager that the owner spoke with one of my customers who was unhappy today and he wanted me gone. He followed that up with, "he also says you have a bad attitude and you're not a team player". The sales manager and I had discussed the customer in question previously and both agreed that her displeasure was baseless and both had reached out to her to smooth it over to no avail.

    The bad attitude/team player thing had been mentioned before but when pressed for examples or some form of expected action plan, none was provided.

    When the brief conversation was over I told him that I'd like to hear that from the owner, since I have known him for 15years. To which I was told, "he told me to handle it". And the owner never came out of his office to join the conversation. I calmly sat down at my desk and started to clean it out when the sales manager followed me in the office to continue telling me how I should act etc. I politely told him that the conversation was over and that he was no longer my manager and I would prefer to leave it at that.

    Once I cleaned out my desk, I proceeded to the business office to request my termination in writing but the office manager didn't know what I was talking about. Every termination I've seen before today was carried out by her and another manager with a termination letter prepared ahead of time. When I did receive the letter 20 minutes later, it listed the reason for termination as lack of business and company downsizing.

    The general manager of the company is one of my good friends, so I sent him a text telling him it was nice to work with him and that I'd catch him later on. He responded wanting to know what I was talking about. My termination was not discussed or cleared by him either.

    Sorry for the long post, but my question is: Does the lack of any disciplinary history and the refusal to discuss the customers complaints with me, coupled with the differing reasons in the letter and the lack of knowledge of the chain of command, make this a wrongful termination?

    The company has less than 50 employees and I had worked there for almost 2 years.


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    The general definition of a "wrongful termination" is one where an actual law was violated. Nothing you have said jumps off the page as indicating wrongful termination. The key is that the default is Employment At Will, meaning either party can end the employment relationship without cause. Now Employment At Will has exceptions, but in fact the large majority of all terminations are legal. I am going to cite two articles you need to read. Then re-ask your question if the articles trigger something. Your question implies that you can only be terminated for "just cause", which absent a contract or CBA is not normally true.
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      This was not a wrongful termination. In at-will employment, you can be terminated at any time for any reason except a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender..) or unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary.

      None of the reasons you listed would make for a wrongful termination. Also, it's possible the owner did ask the sales mgr. to handle it.

      File for unemployment ins. The state will make the decision whether you receive it or not.
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