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Iowa - Fired because of the insecure wife. Iowa

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  • Iowa - Fired because of the insecure wife. Iowa

    I have been working for a company as a trucking dispatcher. My boss is the son to the owners. I was there from 10/3/11 to 11/3/11. I kept track of all my hours and they paid me in cash but gave me the time card as my receipt.

    About 2 weeks ago my boss' wife started causing problems. She is a very insecure lady that has her nose in EVERYTHING. She started talking to the owner saying that she didn't want me there. When she confronted me she said that I wasn't a good fit for her husbands dispatcher because he had cheated on her in the past and I would be to tempting. I also had a divorce in 2008 and remarried the same man. She said that because of MY past she felt I was better off somewhere else. I am also nice to look at and have a great personality that eveyone gets along with, other than her.

    When questioned about my job performance no one can give a reason for me being fired. The owner told me that if he didn't fire me, she said she would take his grandkids and move away. I have a recording of the actual owner telling my husband - If you can persuade the blonde in the other building to let her come back I'm behind you 110%. However when the men get around their wives it's a different story. My boss has never said a bad word about me and he is all for me coming back. It's just trying to convince his wife.

    I have talked to alot of people that say I should sue them for wrongful termination. It was actually my boss' idea.... He still wants me there along with the drivers but she just can't get past the fact her husband is working with a woman.

    I have many conversations on tape with her admitting that it could possibly be bad for her marriage if I stayed.. WTF. Nothing about me, just about her. I was strictly business until she came into my office one day and said - I want to start over- Hello my name is XXXX and I don't like you. 10 minutes of how I am a wh*re and why do I even like it there turned into me telling her to stay out of my business and get the f out of my office. ( all on tape )

    Last night we were all out drivers, boss and myself for a meeting ( minus the wife ) and my boss says - When are you going to sue us and get this dang mess over with...

    I think he also wants out of his marriage ( Not because of me. I'm way married myself ) but it's odd that he would suggest being sued in the first place. He could have put her in check along time ago but just a chicken s**t.

    3 of the drivers have decided to quit thier jobs because of it. I had that place running like a top. It went from guys not showing up at all to working weeks straight. The office was a disaster and I he said it would take me 6 months to get it in order. I worked hard and had it done in 3 weeks. I was never late or unreachable. The drivers would support me 110% also. I know Iowa is an " At will " state but I was curious if it falls in the wrongful termination area?

    I busted my rear to make this job mine. I should not have even been brought into their marriage problems.
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    Nope, not a wrongful termination. Badly managed situation, yes; illegal, no.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Agree, no wrongful termination.
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        “Gender stereotyping” can contravene Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), as amended, and the analogous Iowa anti-discrimination statute. A covered employer cannot determine an otherwise qualified woman is “too attractive” or “too divorced” for a job without potentially contravening federal and state anti-discrimination law. Someone in management (or someone with effective control over management) cannot lawfully determine that he or she prefers “Jane Hathaway” to “Ellie May” simply because a Jane Hathaway type purportedly “fits” the image of the type of woman who should hold the position.

        You should consider contacting the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and/or the Iowa Fair Employment Practices agency (“FEP”) and consulting with an experienced employment law attorney.

        Two side points: One, stop talking with “a lot of people” and start conferring with counsel. Two, ask your putative attorney whether your surreptitious recordings can be utilized as potential evidence in your case.


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          Physical appearance is only legally protected in a few places and Iowa is not one of them. If thehusband is paying undue attention to you, then it is best that you not work there. The wife is allowed to fire you because no law says she can not. You were only there a month so you are going to have a very hard time with any kind of claim. This is doubly true if you did swear at the wife and tell her to leave the office. No one gets to speak to their boss that way under any circumstances. No matter what else was going on, you handed her a reason to fire you on a silver platter.
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            I'm not so sure there isn't a gender discrimination claim to be made here. Yes, it's legal to fire someone because they're too good looking but the decision wasn't made solely on that basis.

            If the OP had been a good looking man, she'd still be there. She was only fired because she was a good looking woman. While the chances of my being fired for being too good looking are fairly slim (), if I were the OP, I'd at least run it by an employment law attorney.