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  • Wrongful Termination - Virginia Virginia

    Assistant Manager, ("dept." store). Was out of work for 2 days due to upper respiratory infection, when I returned to work there was an issue with petty cash being short. 2 days later, my store manager called me in the office and terminated me because of the problem with petty cash. I was told that I had mishandled money, yet my drawer was never short, my deposits have been in tact and correct every night I closed the store. I was told that the other 2 assistant managers received a write up, which I never received but I was accused of mishandling money, with no proof, and no one else in this meeting. Please help!! I have never stolen anything from anyone and need my job!!! What can I do. My store manager also refused to give me the district managers phone number to discuss this with him.
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    Terminating your employment for an unfair/untrue reason does not make your separation illegal.

    The store manager isn't obligated to give you the district manager's phone number; perhaps you can find some other means of getting that number and calling him/her to discuss your termination. Since the employer hasn't acted unlawfully, he or she is under no obligation to rescind the termination however.

    You should file for unemployment benefits immediately if you haven't already.


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      Why were the other assistant managers given write-ups for mishandling money while you were discharged? What distinguishes you from these other assistant managers? How long have you worked for this company? Did the petty cash shortage occur on the day you returned? Could it have occurred while you were on leave?

      The answers to the foregoing questions may give the responders additional insight into your situation.


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