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  • TexaS

    I would like to share with you my story about my terrible experience at Exxonmobil/UTEC in hope to save you the ordeal that I have been through.
    I have been repeatedly abused by K including physical threats and humiliation abused. I reported the incidents to J in the Human Resources Dept at ExxonMobil/UTEC in Houston, Texas. To my surprise, G, R, and other UTEC management individuals retaliated against me for reporting the incidents. R and other UTEC managers threatened and intimidated me to keep silent about this matter. used her team lead position to call a meeting to humiliate and belittle me in the meeting. I felt like I have been gang raped by these individuals. They mentally and psychologically tortured me; I had to be hospitalized. Please do not trust or respect management at ExxonMobil/UTEC because they chose to attack the victims to avoid responsibilities. During my investigation, I have discovered many improper practices, including K also mistreatment of R secretary and there were a total of three complaints against . Management still allowed her to go unpunished. Further, ExxonMobil has a history of discrimination.
    If you have been harassed, I urge you strongly to record all harassment incidents on your cell phone or tape recorder and contact an attorney. Exxonmobil executives and management should be held accountable for any further abuses because they allowed the victim to be retaliated and the abuse to continue. I promise to you that you will not have to fight alone. I will do everything to support you; I will testify on your behalf. I made a mistake of trusting R, who witnessed at lease a couple of incidents and turned his back on me. He told me to stand up for myself and when I did. He told the investigators that it was No Big Deal.
    The most disturbing thing was the fact that my supervisor, G, discussed about my termination with my abuser, K, before I received notice of my termination. I have concluded that Exxonmobil/UTEC management to be ďamoral and ill manneredĒ. I am very concern that this type of practice will happen to you. Be very careful! Please help me fight these types of abuse by passing this email to other employees.
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    While being victimized while at work is a very emotional topic, you may wish to take a more proactive and productive stance in curbing future incidences. You may do so by going to the US EEOC and discussing your harassment issues with them. If they feel that your harassment is illegal, they will pursue your former employer on your behalf.

    You can find the EEOC in the telephone directory under US government.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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      I edited your post to remove the names you posted, in order to prevent any chance of slander or libelous remarks.

      Since you did not post a question and are just "passing on info" please be advised this is not the forum in which to do that.



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        Any legal rights?

        My name is D formally Cardinal of Cost Center 220, in Dallas, Texas. (The HD account.) I was hired on by CB early last year, after hearing about the job from a friend I have known for many years. It seemed like the perfect mach as I was working for HD at the time and dealing with Cardinal daily. We both thought that I would be a great addition to the team, as I would be able to give insight into how things worked at the HD.
        I was excited to be moving over to Cardinal, as I had done this type of work before for FEx. The challenges are never the same day to day and I love working in a team environment. But I was soon disappointed to find out I was to be paid $5000 less a year, than what I was told the starting salary would be. I was told it was because they planned on hiring another person to help out. I soon came to find out that was a lie. It was acutely the result of a conversation that CB had with my former store manager. In which, CB was told how much I was making an hour at HD. Of course, not knowing this at the time, I took the job. I had given my two weeks notice and, the hours seemed better anyway. It soon became apparent I was lied to about CB hiring someone else when I was given the responsibility of DVIRís and answering phones. But, I knew soon, I would be routing and learning new things and it was good being in a team environment.
        After being there for little more than a mouth the whole office was written up. I am not sure why, other than it was ordered by RC (bigger boss) and used as a motivational tool. Even though I had been there a little more than a mouth, I lined up to sign like the rest of the team. Make no mistake about it. I am not disputing it, as the message was clear to everyone. Plus, it helped to bring me closer to the team, as jokes were made about how I had only been there a short time, and already was written-up.
        A few months later came a big change. I was know an operations coordinator, able to route and, a bigger part of the team. CB would be leaving us to take over the Oklahoma office. RC had decided that MF, a former driver with, as far as the people in the office could tell, no management experience, would take over as Operations Manager. This would be added to his duties of being in charge of the drivers and safety. We had done little work with MF, at the time, other than telling him where drivers were going to be. So, he could follow them and make sure they were driving safe and up to DOT standards.
        At first I viewed this as an opportunity. I had already been given a little praise for being the first one to write down who I had talk to, what time and what the problem was. This had come in handy and saved CB from getting yelled at, and the stores from pushing us around on many occasion. So, a couple days after MF got settled in, I went in to his office and pitched the ideal to do a log of problems and AMís verses PMís on a spread sheet daily. This would help us in dealing with the second shift workers at HD, who did know why there deliveries did not go out. Also, when the DWCC would call about the manifest and wanted free deliveries, we could know tell them no and why, saving us money. We could know also track AM percentage, in hopes of seeing a trend that could be corrected and controlled as we are about 50 to 60 percent AMís. He flippantly, told me to go ahead. It worked great and got me in his good graces as time, after time, he could cut his potentially big problems, and pissing matches with store management, off at the pass. He is frequently heard saying, when a store or PSM calls for him, ďI love napalm in the morning.Ē This made me feel good the first time we heard him say it, but I think we are in the thousands now. About a month later, I over heard him on the phone, taking all the credit for his new napalm tool. But, I guess that happens in the corporate world.
        The other thing that happened was Mf and RC wanted us to start cross training. There was a big meeting in which mark was officially put in charge of the office, and the cross training was announced. At the end of the meeting he asked me what was wrong and that I seem disappointed. I was, and went to talk it over in his office. I brought up the fact that I was doing as much work as everyone else and getting paid way less. I told him what CB had done and about him talking to my former Store Manger. I also asked him if I need to be looking for another job to make the same money as the people in this office. Surprisingly, he said, he understood, assured me he would take care of me, and would see what he could do. A few days went bye, when I brought it up again. He told me that to get me a raise, I would have to change job titles. But, he would take care of me next time they came around.
        Being in his good graces would come to be a problem for me. Every so often he would tell me, to let him know what was going on in the office, with cretin co-workers. I kept telling him that, I would let him know, if there were any issues in the office that I thought he could help with. The last time was when he used the word spy. I reinstated about issues, and add, I believed spying on my boss and co-workers was unethical. He wanted to know things like, what time they come in, on days they had to work, and the buzz on cetin decisions he had had, and if anyone should be fired. This got me started on the way out of his good grace.
        But the last straw was, the time he wanted us to change shift. He called me on the phone, to let me know. When I realized the days off would conflict and someone would be working an extra day. Which, is what I had to do the week B left, we decided to split it in half. I was to tell the other Operations Coordinator to come in at 11:00am and I would come in at 06:30am. I told MF that I had a problem with telling a co-worker when to come in. I knew it was a shift, he did not want to do, and asked if he would call T, and let him know. Plus, the stress level was pretty high as B, the other Operations Coordinator, had left to go to maintenance. I didnít think it proper, that I tell T to do a shift that I knew he didnít want to do. I didnít want to heart the team work or moral any more. Especially his, as M was riding him hard and it seemed he couldnít do anything right for MF. He was in MF office getting written up 2 and 3 times that mouth. I should have, after all, as on the day in question MF got confused and tolled T to come in at the same time as he told me. This was an example of MF lack of communication skills that happened frequently. He often tolled T information, or me something, then later would assume we both new what the heck he was talking about. This is also an example of his unfair and inconsistent disciplinary action. As I had made plans to watch over my brothers children, three days earlier, 5 minuets after I got off the phone with him, on the day he told me I would be off at 11:00. This is how I know for sure, I didnít just forget or mess-up some how. Anyway, T showed up 2 minuets after me at, 06:30am. We both discussed what happen and decided Mark would straiten it out when he got in. At 11:15am I had to leave and figured T had mess-up. MF had not showed up yet but, I was sure it wasnít my fault and MF would straiten it out. Turned out, because I had left, he wrote me up. I tried to argue my point, and tell him know how I new he was wrong because I had written it down, and call my brother 5 minuets later to tell him I could watch the boys. But he kept cutting me off short, and finally said he didnít care. I was so mad that I couldnít write on the paper. I stood-up before walking out of his office, and asked him how many days I had to appeal. He told me there was no appeal and that he could fire me, and no one could do anything about it.
        There were write-ups in between and even one after this one. It all depended on MFs new pool or his two new cars. If he came in late talking about one of these subjects, someone was getting written-up. More than likely whoever was on his bad side that month. And like the parents I work with, who have to fear for there job, I began to believe thatís just the way it was, MF leading by fear, instead of the promotion of team work and a good Company, like Cardinal. Hell, he would ask P and me, if he should fire T. Then, when I wasnít around, he would ask T and P, if he should fire me. And the same was true about GG, before he left. We fell in to a grove of just trying to avoid him. Or when necessary kissing his, drunken with power butt to appease him. Plus L and RC were spending more time in the office and kept him off are backs.
        It wasnít until we got a visit from VM(company V.P.) did I start to regain some hope. MF was out of the office, other wise, I am sure we would have never got to talk to him. He asked us about things on the P&L Report and got back blank stairs. He seemed somewhat disappointed when both T and I told him we had never heard of it before. He would have RC go over it with us and then we were to write him an e-mail explaining it. He also talked about how we were supposed to be training and working to move up in the company.
        Hope was soon crushed as an office of once 5 people had gone down to 3. And are cross training had just consisted of T and I being responsible for trip sheets. MF once again decided it was time for me and T to switch shifts again. I figured it was Tís ideal because I was told by P, know the new office supervisor, he had volunteered to work the extra day. It was a Thursday and T didnít show I called him and he told me he would be in around 07:30am. At about 09:20am P called him and he said about 11:00am. They got into it pretty good and I over heard her tell him to call MF then. MF came in shortly after and asked were T was. P had explained to him that T had changed his mind about coming in and that it was unfair he should have to work an extra day. MF said he was sick of this unfair crap and someone was getting fired. I had no Ideal it would be me. I have never missed a day of work and always acted with integrity and care for the contractors and co-workers.
        On Sunday I came in at 9:30am to three and a half days worth of trip sheets. Not to mention all the one for the contractors who like to hold on to them tell the last minute. I got strait to work and finished a day before it was time to route. P had called me and said she had left a message on Tís phone to come in and help. She also asked if I had talked to him. I said no and when on about my business doing trip sheets. Not quit an hour had gone by, before P came in to help out. I finished routing and we both got down to doing trip sheets. We finished about 9:30pm and left.
        A couple days later I was fired. I got to the office at 06:37am. I was already talking to a store on the phone about if we had gotten there routing form or not, which was not out of the question, for a normal day. I had just hung-up and walked to my desk when I notice P walking in. I said hello and sat down. (This is important because you will find no write-up for P being late or, no write-up for T missing a whole day.) I was then called in to MFs office and let go. He said the reason was because I was late. When I said, come on be honest with me at least. He change and said it was because I was late on Sunday and P had to come in and help.
        Yet there has never been or is there now a start time on Sunday because there are no deliveries. The Operations Coordinator only had to go in and route, until there were trip sheets and as long as those were getting done no one cared. I also, did not call P in to help.
        It is my honest opinion, that I was fired because raise time was coming up and he did not want to make good, on his promise.

        To reiterate,
        1. Lied to about wages.
        2. Took credit for ideals of his staff.
        3. Asked to be unethical and spy on office employees.
        4. Lacked communication and people skills.
        5. Lied to me about appeal process, and no one could help.
        6. Unfair and inconsistent disciplinary action.
        7. A promotion of fear for you job instead of team work and good mural.


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          Besides myself, I can tell you that no one is going to take the time read your whole post. Try and cut it down by 2/3 and ask your questions
          Somedays you're the windshield and somedays you're the bug.


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            OK, I read it though I mostly skimmed through parts. Absolutely nothing you posted is illegal at all. Some of it isn't a sign of good management, but it isn't in any way legally actionable or even improper.
            I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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              just a question

              when you applied for this job,was it posted anywhere what you would be making or did he just tell you on the phone or in person? I would think if there was anything in writing that stated what your starting pay would be,that they would have to honor that,even though at any time your pay can be changed if im correct. It sounds to me also that you are qualified to work for another company that deals in the same thing,and actually be in a team atmosphere and you are better off NOT being where you were. It may be that since you are gone and you did so much leg work,and had the ideas that he took credit for,that eventually his boss will see what a sorry leader he is and eventually he will get fired...karma maybe lol! Good luck in your job search!