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  • Michigan termination

    My company has been going through many changes in management,I received a new Accounts Receivable Manager last Feb,we seem to get along great,working together,heading new areas,I was given the role of Patient pay specialist,in May,this was a new postion and was left on my own to develop,My supervisior was always to busy to meet with me regarding questions,I truely needed the guidance since I had never done this type of work,I contact patients reguarding their balances set up payment arrangement ect.After many attemps to arrange a meeting with my boss I started e-mailing the request,she never responded.In July she asked to meet with me,I thought it was about the position,but she told me that I did fine with the job,she had hired a friend who had more experience then me and the only position left was for me to move to insurance verification.Things went from bad to worse,information was held from me about changes in verification,I have 2 e-mails confirming this.Dress code became an issue,I went and bought new clothing,was told it was fine,only to receive an e-mail on July 19 stating if I wore what I was wearing(new clothing bought 1 month prior that was ok'd)I would be sent home,they would let me off the hook this time,I was spoke to about using my cell phone during work hours,my hours were 8-4:40 pm,I brought in my phone bill proving I had not made or received any calls during these hours,all calls were before 8am.I also have Asthma,they mopped with Pinesol,I asked to be notified if possible so I could take my medication since this cleaning agent was a huge trigger.They became upset,requested a letter from my doctor confirming I had athma and its triggers for my employee file,they were upset I had not listed it on my medical form when I hired in nearly 2 years ago,they made me add it.I was taken into a meeting with the owner of the company where he demanded to know if I was clear on the dress and cell policy,this was a couple of weeks later,in this meeting he asked if I had any other concerns,I brought up the fact of the lack of response from my supervisior pertaining to meetings requested about questions,he asked me to forward him the e-mails,this was the end of July,I was pulled into a Meeting last Tuesday and given to written repremands. 1 verbal warning for refusing to do as another supervisior in another department requested,I told the supervisior to go over my head to my manager I was uncomfortable with his request,I don't know how to do what he was asking nor do I have the clearance to make those type of changes to the patients account,I had to stand my ground on not doing the job,I thought it was the right thing to do by requesting he speak to my manager.I also recieved a 2nd written warning for a statement e-mailed to my department representives about concerns I had and for them to discuss at a meeting where they brought employee concerns to a forum of other represtatives from other departments,they used this to state I was causing discord and contributing to the lack of harmany in the company.The claimed behavior issues and insubordination.They did give me untill the next day to reply to the charges,I disagreed with the write ups,stated my case,asked for a formal hearing to have them removed from my record and requested a copy to the policy to contest write ups,well frankly it totally made them mad,I was pulled into the owners office and sent home for 2 and 1/2 days they called me yesturday stating I was terminated.I was employee of the month a year ago in May,I received a glowing evaluation in Febuary and a sizable raise,I have not change except in the last 6 weeks of having to be placed in the position of defending myself,I have never been repremanded or spoke to about my work performance.The owner stated they are an at will company,I understood this when I hired in nearly 2 years ago,but I'm just floored.Yes I am filing for unemployment benefits on Monday.Any guidance?
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    I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties. It seems that the biggest legal issue that you have going is the one associated with your asthma. Under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, employers with 15 or more employees are required to provide reasonable accomodations for a person with a disability (and letting you know when Pine Sol will be used would be deemed reasonable). Further, employers are prohibited from retaliating against a person who raises the issue of an accomodation for a disability.

    You can look at the US government's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website for more information on disability discrimination.

    Good luck and let me know if you have other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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      It is not considered a disability since it does not affect my walking,working,or make any life changing alterations,My asthma is under control in most cases.I looked into it on line,there seems to be an issue of requesting the doctors letter for my file since the asthma does not effect my job.But having trouble finding enough information on that. They did change cleaners,
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