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TX WC Violation ?

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  • TX WC Violation ?

    I was reprimanded for calling in sick because the meds I was prescribed the day before for my wc injury made me ill. Is this legal? I spoke w/the state of TX claims adjuster working my case and she agreed the day should be covered by workers comp. I didn't mention to her I was reprimanded.

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    WC has nothing to do with it. If you could be reprimanded for calling in sick for this reason, you can now too. WC would only cover it if your doctor takes you off work. I've never heard of covering days where the employee self-reports off being covered.
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      It's covered by WC

      The medication I took to cure the injury caused on the job made me ill-I had a bad reaction to it. The State of TX claims adjuster said since I took the meds for my WC injury and they made me ill which led to me missing work, it's covered. Thanks for your help.