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Court process stalled in Oklahoma

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  • Court process stalled in Oklahoma

    My husband contracted MRSA Staph (the worst kind!) infection at work in January. It was misdiagnosed by W/C clininc docs for a week. they basically denied it being work-related and closed the case. we have doctors confirming it is related. i have letters to support. He spent 40 days in hospital, 5 surgeries in 2 weeks time, 2 dialysis treatments, 4 pints of blood, etc, etc. weeks of rehab followed. he lost 14 weeks of work, going back late April. our attorney went to court for us april 18. judge requested our depositions. WE HAVE YET TO GIVE THEM! when i ask our attorney about the delay, all she says is "they can put us off as long as they want"! this just can't be true...can it??? isn't there a time limit to this process??? please help...we are very frustrated. thanks