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Car accident while working question

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  • Car accident while working question


    my brother and a coworker go shopping once or twice a week for their employer. when a company vehicle is not available they used his car or occasionally her car..

    on the way back from the store they were in a car accident.

    they were both on the clock.

    the bosses were aware that they were at the store

    a workers comp claim was filed by lady in passenger seat

    supposedly they paid some of her bills but none of her wages

    to my knowledge she has not even filed a claim petition or been in front of a workers comp judge..

    she is also trying to sue my brother because the car they were in was part of my moms estate.

    the car was insured on its own policy

    my brother was also insured on his own policy through same auto insurance company.

    the car insurance will not pay any bills they say it is workers comps responsibility

    i was under the impression that if it is workers compensation and you dont follow through with the process and seek remedy that way it is your only option.

    we are in PA.

    i thought a civil suit was not an option if WC is involved

    my brother was driving .. no citation was issued to either driver\

    we are a no fault state.

    please help

    I am under the impression there is a statute that covers this or an act

    thank you

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    Assuming your brother didn't deviate for any side/personal errands while driving the car, then everyone's injuries should be covered by the employer's worker's compensation insurance. As to whether the passenger can sue your brother, well, that's a somewhat complicated matter and depends upon a number of factors that can't be determined or evaulated here.

    It would be a good idea for your bother to consult with an attorney in order to determine whether he has any personal liability here or not.