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hurt at work but quit do they still pay doc?

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  • hurt at work but quit do they still pay doc?

    I live in kentucky, i am a nurse aide, I was hurt last month at work i have been going to doctor they make you go to but I quit the other day due to the fact they kept putting me on the floor to work when they had doctors not saying no lifting pulling pushing ect. (i hurt my upper arm) and they told me I had to start working day shift when I have told them for over a year now that I can not work day shift due to the fact I do not drive my self to work. Can I still go to doctor and they pay or what??????

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    If I am not mistaken, you have to accept work that is offered. If not, workers compensation may drop you.


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      nunthing really matters

      they have no right to put you in a position that involves something that goes against a doctors slip, they have to abide by what your doctor has written, I had a case a few years back and was awarded all compensation, all bills paid, etc. due to the fact that I was put on a job that was against the written doctors slip. The judge told my supervisor that he wasn't a doctor and could not make decisions above and beyond what the doctor had written. I still have a copy of the actual court transcript, if I can find it I will write and tell you verbatim.


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        Assistance for you

        I will be very happy to assist you please contact me via private e-mail at [email protected] or you can call me at 217/390-4299 Linda i.e. LMay
        This is my area of expertise I am an OSHA Institute Instructor, Safety Engineer, an RN, BSN and NREMT with National registry status I have over 30 years experience in this area and will be more then happy to assist thanks LM


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          You need to call your insurance rep covering you workmans comp claim. This needs to be reported to them and documentation sent stating the duties you were asked to do that go against your doctors orders. Keep a good record of everything that happens and have witnesses sign documents if there are any. I'm not sure what Kentucky policy is, but your place of employment where you were injured should be the ones paying your bills if you filed workmans comp with them, even if you left your position . I know in IL it is the law for them to offer you work going along with your doctors orders if you are able and they cannot reduce your pay either. I'm currently dealing with a tough claim in IL and I'm also a CNA. Contact your insurance rep and file a report with them and get all the datails you need regarding payment for your injuries.