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"Medically seperated & Worn out- SDI question California

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  • "Medically seperated & Worn out- SDI question California

    HI. It's my first time posting here.

    I was wondering if anyone here knew..
    I worked for a school district before they lovingly showed me the door after I got hurt. Legal! Why, yes..yes it is.
    My question is ( sleep. coffee....)

    I don't think my work paid into SDI. Does that mean I'm SOL after the work comp pays out? "(Yes, I have a lawyer, but he doesn't handle this part of my lovely ordeal. Yay.
    Since I got the boot, my medical insurance is gone, and boy, I could sure use Medi caid..and some mulah to make up for the other 33% of my check. I will be disabled at the very LEAST another year (disabled almost 2 already). Is SSI like SDI? Is this familiar to anyone?
    I have looked stuff up, but I'm worn out, my medicines aren't so great in the memory department.

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    I'm not sure if you are asking about state disability insurance or federal Social Security disability benefits. If you are gong to be disabled- not unemployed but disabled- for at least a year, start applying now for federal SSDI. The link for federal is

    For state

    This is legally separate from your WC claim so your WC attorney may not be able to assist.
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      Both your paystub and W2 should mention SDI if you are subject to it. Also, just file a claim with EDD for SDI. It works or it does not.
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