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My shift seems to be getting shafted during the holiday Oregon

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  • My shift seems to be getting shafted during the holiday Oregon

    I work at a dealership in OR. We have two shifts, a day shift (7am-2:30pm Mon-Fri) and night shift (3pm-1:30am Mon-Thurs). I was informed that on Christmas eve and New Years eve that my night shift was not going to be able to work and not going to be compensated for it, but the day shift are able to work those days. We were told that we could "make-up" the loss of 20 hours by working on off times. I was just curious if this is "fair" to the night shift.

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    There is no law that requires a company to be fair to all employees.

    The law does not mandate payment of wages for hours not worked for non-exempt employees. Are you non-exempt or exempt? That is the only possibility under the law that payment might have to be paid.


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      All employees do not have to be treated the same. You just can't be discriminated against due to a reason prohibited by law (examples - age, religion, gender...).

      Or unless you have a binding employment contract contrary to what your boss/employer is doing.
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