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PA SWIF & OH BWC confusion Pennsylvania

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  • PA SWIF & OH BWC confusion Pennsylvania


    We are a PA contractor with crews working in multiple states.
    SWIF was our w/c insurance for the 2010/2011 policy year. The auditor recorded the payroll information needed for the audit. We also provided the wages paid to employees in OH so they could be deducted out of the wage base along with a copy of our OH BWC coverage certificate. As we have done for the past 8 years i have been working here.

    I called SWIF today, because i havent received the results of the w/c audit. I was told that they adjusted the auditors covered wages to include OH wages paid. When i inquired as to why, the rep said that basically if the employees are listed on the PA UC-2, that PA SWIF is the "first pay" insurer. When I spoke to OH BWC, they told me OH BWC would be the first pay insurer if the employee was injured on-site in OH while working.

    I am required by OH state law to have w/c for our ee's working in OH because they are a monopolistic state, now SWIF wants insurance money for the same coverage. Double coverage. Big dollars for us.

    Has anybody run across this? or can you give me an idea of where I can find some information? Advice PLEASE.

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    since this appears to be a change in your carrier's prior handling of the issue, I would contact an audit supervisor or an underwriting supervisor with the carrier to obtain a clearer explanation of why their policy/rules changed this time.
    were the prior years in error and are they going to re-bill?
    or is this audit a misunderstanding?
    you need to find out what has changed with them.
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      I have employees in 7 states including OH and PA. We provide our w/c auditor OH information so they can verify payroll because OH payroll is backed out of our premium calculations.

      Have you read your policy to see what it states? If it backs up your belief then escalate the issue beyond the rep and point out what the policy says.