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My boss waited 6 weeks to return WC paperwork California

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    That's fine
    I'm going to guess, without knowing the MPN...Kaiser is likely in that carriers MPN already. Check the IC web site, if Kaiser is there... just select any Dr in Kaiser network.

    The notification requirements obviously have not been met... not even by this CA, as the ER/IC is required to notify of MPN existance upon hire, report of injury, or within 10 days...a complete list of MPN Dr's.


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      You also need to make sure that Kaiser/ whatever doctor you chose, will accept WC patients. Not all will. Having an Occupational Health department is not the same. In my state, which is not yours, Kaiser won't touch WC with a ten foot pole. I have no idea if that is true in CA but you do need to mention that this is a WC injury and ask if they can/will treat you.

      Kaiser's (or any treating doctor) form for internal billing purposes is not the same as filing a WC claim. It is the equivalent to handing over your insurance card when you go for an appointment. It just tells the doctor's billing office where to send the bills. Doctors who want me to fill out their form are the bane of my existance. I'm happy to pass along or rather have the employee pass along the carrier information but I simply do not have time to fill out forms for every injury and every doctor. (Lest you think I'm just a big meanie, I have 8100 ees and run 600 claims a year in a state that allows IWs to choose their provider from day 1. And WC is only part of what I do)
      I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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        Kaiser does support WC claims and works through a carrier. They work with State Fund, but not with Travelers, who I am with this time.


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          SCIF/State Fund has nothing to do with your claim/injury. Your ER's carrier is Travelers, and the CA/claims adj is likely going to try to compel you to select a Dr in the MPN. Youl will have to change from your Kaiser Dr if they are successful.

          You can find the Travelers MPN at their web site if you wish.


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            Oh my gosh, I am aware that State Fund has nothing to do with this claim. My response was to the question of whether or not Kaiser handled any WC cases. When I had a work injury many years ago, it was through State Fund and State Fund told me to go to Kaiser, who handled my PT and classes.