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workers comp and child support Illinois

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  • workers comp and child support Illinois

    Hi, have posted same question in a couple forums to get the most imput that I can...thanks

    Here's the short of it...hope someone has had experience....
    Ex works for the state...DOT....HAS A WITHOLDING problem...DOT payed great....Ex gets injured and goes on Workers support...Child Support is referring it to the States's about 5 months late now..Will the State CSE be able to collect from another State agency the non compliance fines of $100 a day...I don't understand why the Dept of Transportation can pay but workers comp can't...he is still employed by DOT, right ?

    Any thoughts welcome. I believe CSE doesn't want to twist another agencies arm and is trying to sweep it under the rug...

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    Has the order been re-served on the insurance company (or whoever is paying his WC benefits)? By either the DA or the family court?
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      I didn't think about the insurance company....but CSE said they reserved Workers Comp on Feb 11....Shouldn't it be easier to get the order from an insurance company....anyway DOT gives him a payment too set off by workers comp if I am reading the following right:

      occupational disability