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can i ask for a different job Pennsylvania

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  • can i ask for a different job Pennsylvania

    Can I ask my employer for a different job for a few months, and if they agree, would it be at the same pay rate? No doctor appt till end of Feb. Also, someone at work told me if I were to take a different job the w/c case would close, is that true?

    Hope everyone has a Happy Healthy and Wealthy New Year. And thanks to everyone who helped me with all my stupid questions this year, it is greatly appreciated.

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    You can ask, they don't have to give. If it pays a different rate, they may pay you the rate they usually do. If the reason for the new job paying less is that you are only capable because of the work injury of working that job, the IC may pick up part of the difference as Temporary Partial Disability.

    Your claim stays open regardless of where you are employed.
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