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Statute of limitations? (North Carolina)

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  • Statute of limitations? (North Carolina)

    I fall of 2016, I took an injury report on an employee who was injured when another employee knocked a stool over, and it landed on her toe. At the time, the employee insisted it wasn't serious and she didn't need medical attention. She lost no work and received only first aid, so no claim was filed.
    She has just contacted me to say it "never healed up right" and she just had to have the nail removed. She is asking if it can be covered under workers comp, because she believes it is a result of that two year old incident.
    I have no idea how to proceed or whether I even can. Our Work Comp policy is not even with the same provider we had in 2016.
    Is there a limit on how long an injured worker can wait to make a claim in this state, and if so, can someone tell me what it is?
    Thank you for reading.

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    There is a statute of limitations and my quick Google search indicates that in NC it is, guess what, 2 years. Call your carrier, explain the situation, and ask how to proceed.